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Bootcamps & Fit Camps are 3-4 week programs with a regular schedule, usually meeting 2x/week.

These include Basics Fit Camp, Stronger Together Couples Bootcamp, Beach Ready Bootcamp, and Mommy & Me Fit Camp. 


STRONGER TOGETHER - Couples Bootcamp 

Tuesday & Thursday @7pm :: APRIL 2022 

45-90 minute Bootcamp for couples to enjoy together. We will perform several different types of exercise using all the equipment we have to offer, including TRX, weights, HIIT, rowers, & cycles. 


Mommy & Me Fit Camp

Wednesday & Friday @ 10am

45 minute group fitness sessions for a mom to enjoy with her kids. Bring your kids 5 and under, and enjoy a workout with other moms that will get your kids moving too. Babies and toddlers can be worn in wrap or carrier.  All movements can be modified. 


Back to Basics Fit Camp with Des

Monday & Wednesday @6:30 pm

45-minute intro classes covering the basics of some of our most popular classes, including TRX, Cardio & Weights, HIIT, BARRE
This will be a small group session that will get you comfortable with the movements in each of our classes! Come join a group of women as you all start to move again! No need to be scared or have fear of judgement.
In these three weeks you will learn what several of our classes offer, get modifications for exercises, gain a community of women, build the confidence to workout! 

We cannot wait to meet you and help you kick-start your fitness journey:) 
6 classes for $49 

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